Manage Your Pharmaceutical Drug Sample Distribution Program using a Cost-Effective and Compliant Platform

Do you need reliable execution of your pharma drug sample distribution programs? Circulo Pharma can provide you with one-stop visibility that includes rep-delivered, direct-to-physician, and direct-to-pharmacist. 

Our service can handle shipping to physicians or sales representatives. You can choose to have request limits and notifications established as a set of rules for your management. And our systems and team structures have been developed for prescription drug sample management. 

We’ll handle all of the reporting and make sure that it complies with the requirements of PDMA. We can take care of acknowledgments and complete signature audits if necessary.

Choose the Distribution Model That Works for You

What model of distribution does your business require? Whether you need to ship to sales representatives or directly to physicians, we can help:

  • Establish program rules, including request limits and notifications to you and your representatives
  • Provide reporting to meet PDMA compliance requirements
  • Handle sample acknowledgments
  • Complete signature audits when requested

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Expertise and Knowledge of PDMA and Technology

We can integrate your CRM, ERP or other platforms to improve PDMA and Sunshine Act reporting. This system manages inventory, creates shipping reports, and monitors physician compliance.

Our team is dedicated to meeting the requirements of pharma sample management through our expertise in technology and PDMA.

Save Time and Reduce Workload with Circulo’s Platform

Pharmaceutical drug sample distributionYour company can order marketing material and product samples from one central location, saving your sales team time and work. Circulo uses a secure web-based portal that aids in compliance with features such as automatic product and material recalls, real-time scheduling of paperless audits, and inventory tracking. 

This easy-to-use interface integrates with existing order and tracking platforms, allowing 24/7 access for ordering and tracking. You can customize rep activity and inventory reporting with CRM integration and multi-level user access.

Capabilities of the Circulo Distribution Platform

Any authorized group can now use our online ordering portal to order products, premiums, marketing material, and promo items from your company. Program administrators can approve orders, as well as: 

  • Set limits
  • Assign administrators to order for your sales team or group
  • Monthly restoration of stock and material
  • Product launches
  • Bring new sales reps into the team
Review test results

Inventory Control & Management

Circulo can help you optimize your warehouse operations and reduce operating costs. Inventory can be kept up to date at a minimum cost with high-volume, multi-channel eCommerce management. 

Document the validation process

Streamline Your Approval Management

Configure policies to control access for the ordering of marketing materials. The Circulo portal can send alerts to anyone using materials that are automatically set to expire.

Perform testing

Oversight Management and Analytics

Circulo’s analytics allow you to compare data to gain actionable insights quickly. This is a simple and accessible technology that can free up more time for your business operations.

Build fexibility into your planning process

Workflow Management

Create configurable workflows for assignments, routing, email approval notifications, and work item tracking that are automatic and trackable.

Complete visibility into the print and distribution process

Distribution Management

Inventory can be systematized across your sales channels, with changes made appearing instantly.

Leading Pharma Companies Trust Circulo For Their Drug Sample Distribution

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Pharmaceutical Drug Sample Distribution Becomes More Efficient

Single ship-to-location processes for trade and inventory can significantly lower shipping costs. Paperwork for quality assurance, IT, and supply chain management is reduced, as well as printing, shipping, and recovery material, which becomes print-on-demand. 

Using a single system interface will simplify billing with one monthly invoice, and inventory visibility will be boosted.

About Circulo Pharma’s Capabilities

Circulo Pharma is the market leader in fulfilling the unique requirements of life science companies to further their business objectives. For more information, please contact us today.

What Makes Us Different

Circulo Pharma is the market leader in fulfilling the unique requirements of life science companies to further their business objectives.

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20,000 square feet secure, temperature-controlled warehouse


GAMP5 compliance-certified fulfillment platform

15 years2

15 years in pharma, life sciences, and medical device company experience

Reduce cost2

Proven solutions that reduce costs, decrease waste, drive revenue, and assure compliance


Used by leading pharma companies worldwide


Our team is comprised of industry specialists with significant expertise in the life sciences.

The environment2

We are committed to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and minimizing our carbon footprint

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Partners with Leading 3PLs to allow for seamless ordering and delivery


Experts in integrating leading CRMs, ERPs, and 3PL logistics software platforms.

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Circulo Pharma is the market leader in fulfilling the unique requirements of life science companies to further their business objectives.