Pharmaceutical Companies are Turning to Managed Printing Services to Remain Compliant While Reducing Costs

Pharma companies have a lot to manage regarding compliance and cost. One such effort is the time required to ensure their marketing materials, sales aids, patient materials, and product monographs are appropriately handled. The cost and time it takes for sales reps to request, approve, assemble and distribute their materials takes away from time with the doctor and the patient.

Let’s look at how pharma companies can save time and money while remaining in compliance using specialized, managed print for pharmaceutical companies.

Types of marketing materials pharma companies produce

Pharmaceutical companies create various marketing materials to promote their products and services. Some common types of marketing materials created by pharmaceutical companies include:

  • Sales aids: Sales aids are materials that help sales representatives communicate the benefits of a product to potential customers. These can consist of brochures, product sheets, and presentations.
  • Promotional materials: Promotional materials are designed to attract attention and generate interest in a product. These can include advertisements, billboards, and trade show displays.
  • Educational materials are designed to inform healthcare professionals and patients about a product. These can include articles, videos, and educational presentations.
  • Patient materials: Patient materials are designed to help patients understand their condition and their treatment options. These can include patient guides, brochures, and videos.
  • Direct-to-consumer (DTC) materials: DTC materials are designed to be viewed by consumers and are typically seen as more promotional in nature. These can include television and print advertisements, as well as online ads.

Overall, the marketing materials created by pharmaceutical companies are designed to help promote their products and educate healthcare professionals and patients about the benefits of their products.

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Why is compliance important for pharmaceutical
marketing materials?

Compliance is important for pharmaceutical marketing materials because various laws and guidelines regulate the marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products. These regulations are in place to ensure that the information provided to healthcare professionals and patients is accurate, balanced, and not misleading.

Non-compliance with these regulations can have serious consequences for pharmaceutical companies, including fines, legal action, and damage to their reputation. In addition, non-compliant marketing materials can also harm patients by providing them with incorrect or misleading information about their health and treatment options.

To ensure compliance, pharmaceutical companies must carefully review and approve all marketing materials before they are distributed. This includes ensuring that the materials are accurate and balanced and do not overstate the product’s benefits. In addition, pharmaceutical companies must follow specific guidelines for promoting prescription drugs to consumers, such as not making false or misleading claims and disclosing potential risks and side effects.

Overall, compliance is important for pharmaceutical marketing materials to protect patient’s health and well-being and ensure that the information provided is accurate and not misleading.

How can managed print services help companies stay compliant and save costs?

Managed print services (MPS) can be helpful for pharmaceutical companies looking to improve their printing and document management processes. MPS involves outsourcing the management of a company’s printing hardware, software, and supplies to a third-party provider.

There are several benefits that MPS can offer pharmaceutical companies, including:

Pharmaceutical managed printing services
  • Cost savings: Managed print services (MPS) can help reduce printing costs by optimizing the use of hardware, reducing waste, and identifying cost-effective alternatives.
  • Increased efficiency: MPS can streamline printing processes, enabling pharmaceutical companies to focus on their core competencies and free up time for more critical tasks.
  • Improved security: MPS can help ensure that sensitive documents and data are printed and handled securely, in compliance with industry regulations.
  • Enhanced document management: MPS can help pharmaceutical companies organize and track their documents more effectively, making it easier to find and access important information.

What is the Circulo Pharma Systems approach to managed print for pharmaceutical marketing material?

Circulo Pharma empowers the sales organization of drug manufacturers by developing and providing tools to enhance the management, distribution, and production of marketing documentation and drug samples in compliance with all pharmaceutical regulations.

Reduce cost2

Reduce Costs Through Print Management

Reducing the cost of print can be a painless way for pharma organizations to alleviate their hard-pressed budgets. Let the Circulo team help you find new ways to streamline printing costs.

The environment2

Sustainable Solutions for Waste Reduction

The best way to reduce the amount of trash your company produces is to reduce your paper and ink usage. Circulo solutions only print what is necessary and deliver materials only when requested and approved.

Assure compliance with regulatory organizations

Assure Compliance with Regulatory Organizations

Protect your organization from potentially serious repercussions. Streamline regulatory processes, improve data quality, and allow your business to respond faster with sample accountability, field auditing and inventory, returns processing, reporting, and analytics.


Focus on Improved Customer Experiences

Make every patient and doctor touchpoint a positive experience by providing them with the medical education and promotional materials they need to encourage trustworthiness, relevance, and simplicity in their reps.

Enhance productivity through on demand solutions

Enhance Productivity Through On-Demand Solutions

Printed content changes regularly and sometimes frequently in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Ordering print materials on an as-needed basis can represent fast-changing files and compliance updates while reducing the inventory and returns needed by your reps. Get fast turnaround times with minimal effort.

Complete visibility into the print and distribution process

Complete Visibility into the Print and Distribution Process

We also offer complete visibility into the process with thorough tracking and reporting for all projects, from project planning to final delivery. For those looking for an on-demand solution for print and sample distribution and recall, the Circulo Print Management portal is available.

Contact us today for more information on how Circulo Pharma can help you reduce your costs, reduce risk and increase your team’s efficiency.